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Lithium-ion capacitors that store more energy

By 10th June 2019 June 12th, 2019 No Comments

Researchers at the  l’Institut des matériaux Jean Rouxel (CNRS/Université de Nantes), led by Thierry Brousse, in collaboration with Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology in Germany have combined not just one but two additives coupled through consecutive chemical reactions to facilitate the incorporation of lithium within capacitors. The technique, described in Advanced Energy Materials, could allow for the mass marketing of these components.

The new approach is efficient and versatile and opens the way for an inexpensive solution for prelithiation, resulting in lithium-ion capacitors that can store more energy, say the researchers.

Reference: Cascade-type pre-lithiation approach for Li-ion capacitors. Bihag Anothumakkool, Simon Wiemers-Meyer, D. Guyomard, Martin Winter, Thierry Brousse, and Joel Gaubicher, Advanced Energy Materials 10.1002/aenm.201900078.

Read the article by the CNRS.