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The Planck mission, an essential milestone in the history of cosmology

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The Planck collaboration has just published its last series of articles, for a total of 164. These papers have been cited more than 90,000 times, which demonstrates the long lasting influence of this experiment for cosmology, including the study of the mass of neutrinos, the density of dark matter, the characteristics of primordial fluctuations, the formation and evolution of galaxies and clusters or even the magnetic field of the Milky Way.


Map of the temperature fluctuations of fossil radiation. Credits : ESA – Planck collaboration

This mapping of the sky was carried out by a collaboration of astrophysicists, physicists, instrumentalists and engineers: it was the combination of their expertise that made this success possible. It is undoubtedly the first of a series of very large collaborations in astrophysics. This map made it possible to firmly anchor the cosmological model and to determine accurately the value of the six parameters which are sufficient to describe the content and the dynamics of the Universe as well as the origin of its structures.

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SOURCE: IAS – Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale