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The CEMES-CNRS inaugurates a new cutting-edge microscope

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CNRS’ Centre d’élaboration de matériaux et d’études structurales (CEMES) recently developed an innovative method to study the properties of materials at very short scales of time and space. To transfer this new technology and make it accessible to the entire community, the CEMES-CNRS researchers together with their Japanese engineer colleagues from the Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (HHT) have developed a new dedicated microscope, within the framework of the HC-IUMi (Hitachi-CNRS Infrastructure of Ultrafast Microscopy) joint laboratory.

CEMES telescope

The new microscope in Japan before disassembly © Florent Houdellier, director of the HC-IUMi joint laboratory

Read the press release from the CEMES-CNRS.