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One-pot method to make a new natural herbicide

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Researchers at the Laboratoire de synthèse organique (CNRS/École polytechnique /ENSTA), the Molécules de communication et adaptation des micro-organismes laboratory (MNHN/CNRS), the Laboratoire de biologie du développement (Sorbonne Université/CNRS) and the Laboratoire de chimie moléculaire (Ecole Polytechnique/CNRS) have shown that a natural molecule, radulanin A, is phytotoxic and so could be used as a herbicide. The molecule is produced by liverworts and it could be less toxic to the environment and human health than existing chemical herbicides, such as the controversial glyphosate. The work, published in Chemistry A European Journal, is the subject of a patent.

Read the research paper: One-Pot Synthesis of Metastable 2,5-Dihydrooxepines Through Retro-Claisen Rearrangements: Methods and Applications. W. Zhang, E. Baudouin, M. Cordier, G. Frison et B. Nay. Chemistry A European Journal