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Molière probably did write his own plays

By 29th November 2019 December 5th, 2019 No Comments

Two researchers from the CNRS and the Ecole nationale des Chartes disprove the theory according to which Corneille was Molière’s ghostwriter – a popular and century-old theory, defended by some academics and writers. According to their study published in Science Advances, Molière would most likely be the only author of his numerous masterpieces.

Was Pierre Corneille Molière’s ghostwriter? The idea dates back to 1919, when French poet and writer Pierre Louÿs wrote a now famous article, attributing Amphitryon and a few other plays signed by Molière to Corneille. This suspicion grew further, to encompass all of Molière’s plays: how would it be possible that a poorly educated actor, managing his own theatre company, and valet of the king’s chamber, could have written so many masterpieces? Molière would only have been the main protagonist of the plays. Their actual author, Pierre Corneille, would have benefited from his fame and talent, without exposing himself to controversies nor tarnishing his reputation as a serious author.

Read the full press release from the CNRS.

Read the research paper: Why Molière most likely did write his plays. Florian Cafiero, Jean-Baptiste Camps, Science Advances