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Generating light in a photon-number quantum superposition

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Physicists at the Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies – C2N (CNRS / University Paris-Saclay) and the Institut Néel (CNRS, Grenoble) are the first to have demonstrated that light can be directly generated in a state that is simultaneously a single photon, two photons, and no photon at all. The researchers showed that the same kind of light emitters that have been used for decades are also able to generate these quantum states, and expect that this holds true for any kind of atomic system. The work is detailed in Nature Photonics.

Read the research paper: Generation of non-classical light in a photon-number superposition. J. C. Loredo, C. Anton, B. Reznychenko, P. Hilaire, A. Harouri, C. Millet, H. Ollivier, N. Somaschi, L. De Santis, A. Lemaître, I. Sagnes, L. Lanco, A. Auffeves, O. Krebs & P. Senellart. Nature Photonics

Read the press release from the C2N.