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Four top quarks from proton collisions and an animal fossil found in a gem opal

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Dear LABNAUT readers,

Today we learn about the first simultaneous production of four top quarks from proton collisions and the discovery of the first animal fossil in a gem opal.

Using data collected at the LHC between 2016 and 2018, an Atlas Collaboration group coordinated by Irfu has demonstrated for the first time the simultaneous production of four top quarks from proton collisions. This spectacular phenomenon – which produces a final state of unparalleled mass – will soon make it possible to test ‘new physics’ models.


Source: Atlas: au 4e top, il sera exactement…

Scientists from the ISTerre laboratory (UGA-CNRS-USMB-IRD-Université Gustave Eiffel) have studied the first animal fossil contained in a gem opal from Indonesia. The work reveals that these opals may contain well-preserved fossils, a larva of the cicada family in this first case. This discovery offers a new way to explore the evolution of life on Earth or the possible emergence of life on Mars.


Source: Découverte du premier fossile animal dans une opale gemme

Journal reference: Arthropod entombment in weathering-formed opal: new horizons for recording life in rocks. Boris Chauviré, Mickal Houadria, Aline Donini, Brian T. Berger, Benjamin Rondeau, Gene Kritsky & Pierre Lhuissier. Scientific Reports