LABNAUT regularly publishes summaries, in English, of some of the latest science and technology research results from universities, research organizations and academic institutions in France. These summaries are selected from press materials provided by a host of external sources. Links to these sources and relevant journal citations are included at the end of each post.

If you are a researcher/scientist or press/information/communication officer at a university or other research organization, and would like to submit news about your latest results or your press releases for posting on LABNAUT, or to commission us to write an article in English or in French on any of the press releases posted on our website, please email: Science communication/press agencies and commissioning editors of magazines, on-line magazines, websites, newspapers, and any other media may also contact us at this address.

We have a competitively-priced translation service too EN > FR (and FR > EN) for news/documents and press releases (published in French to help your research news reach a wider, international audience), and an editing/correction service for texts submitted in either language that you feel require improvement.

Full details on all our services are avaiable on request.

LABNAUT is coordinated by Bel Dumé, a bilingual freelance science writer/editor with more than 15 years of experience in covering research breakthroughs and their applications.