The tyrosine-click method (e-Y-CLICK) is the first electrochemical technique capable of adding chemical functions onto peptides and proteins using an applied electric field. The technique has been developed at the CEISAM laboratory (CNRS) and is a promising alternative to conventional protein and peptide conjugation reactions.

The e-Y-CLICK protocols were successfully performed in pure aqueous buffers, without the need for co-solvents, scavenger or oxidizing chemicals, and should therefore significantly broaden the scope of bioconjugation, say the researchers.

Reference: Dimitri Alvarez-Dorta, Christine Thobie-Gautier, Mikael Croyal, Mohammed Bouzelha, Mathieu Mével, David Deniaud, Mohammed Boujtita et Sébastien G. Gouin
Electrochemically Promoted Tyrosine-Click-Chemistry for Protein Labeling JACS DOI: 10.1021/jacs.8b09372

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