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Chromosome-sister pairing dynamics, thyroid hormones help synchronize seasonal reproduction, Cremation in the Middle-East, therapeutic antibodies in immunotherapy

Chromosome-sister pairing dynamics in Escherichia coli Chromosome pairing is a crucial step in the proper transmission of genetic material and allows synthesized pairs of chromosomes to recognize each other before they are segregated into daughter cells. Researchers at the Laboratoire…
14 août 2020
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COVID-19 : Inserm on all fronts

The COVID-19 pandemic represents a health crisis unprecedented in its scale and impact on our lives. Caused by an emergent coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, this disease has rallied researchers both across the world and here at Inserm. Our objectives are multiple:  understand…
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31 juillet 2020
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Coral, climate memory

Analysis performed on coral samples collected during the Tara Pacific expedition, organized by the Tara Ocean Foundation in partnership with the Centre scientifique de Monaco (CSM) and the CNRS, provided first results on paleoclimatology. Recent discoveries based on samples of…
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29 juillet 2020