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Are women perceived as worse magicians than men?, laser beams and plasma address gap in fusion research and artificial retina promises to restore vision

For the same performance, a woman is still, sadly, considered less competent than a man, especially in stereotypically male domains. Cyril Thomas, lecturer at the University of Paris and amateur illusionist, participated in a European study that has just illustrated…
4th December 2019
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Bacteria produce volatile hydrocarbons, a protein essential for Chikungunya virus replication, and a new vaccine technology that shows promise against Chikungunya

Researchers from the CEA, the CNRS and the Institut de Biosciences et Biotechnologies at Aix-Marseille University have genetically modified the E.Coli bacterium so that it continuously produces volatile hydrocarbons through a photochemical reaction. These hydrocarbons are similar to those found…
27th September 2019