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Resistance mechanisms to brain tumour treatments, first asteroid population from outside our solar system and how we end up being « confined » on YouTube

Researchers led by Mehdi Touat (Sorbonne Université/AP-HP) and Franck Bielle (Sorbonne Université/AP-HP) working in the Genetics and Development of Brain Tumours team at the Brain Institute (Sorbonne Université/Inserm/CNRS) and the Neuro-oncology and Neuropathology departments of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital AP-HP, have…
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25 avril 2020
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Making room-temperature multiferroic materials

Hello LABNAUT readers, This week we learn more about room-temperature multiferroic materials, a chameleon comet and that tropical forests struggle to recover. Making multiferroic materials is no easy task, especially ones that can be used at room temperature. A team of…
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8 février 2020