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Artificial retina promises to restore vision

By 3rd December 2019 No Comments

The prospect of restoring vision in patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or pigmentary retinopathies is moving closer to reality and many researchers are working on developing an artificial retina to fight blindness. In a new study, a team from the Institut de la Vision (Inserm-CNRS-Sorbonne University) led by Inserm researcher Serge Picaud has shown, in animal models, that a device manufactured by the company Pixium Vision could induce high resolution visual perception. The results, published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, pave the way for clinical trials in humans.

Read the press release from Inserm (in French).

Read the research paper: Behavioural responses to a photovoltaic subretinal prosthesis implanted in non-human primates. Paul-Henri Prévot et al. Nature Biomedical Engineering