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A blue pictorial layer without pigments, novel polymers for subcutaneous injection of anti-cancer drugs and porous materials for perfect sound absorption

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A non-pigmentary blue hue, generated by the diffusion of light on nanoparticles, has been created by researchers at the Institut Lumière Matière in collaboration with artist Anne Goyer. Their process is being promoted through the creation of a start-up, with the support of Satt Pulsalys.

Reference: Structural blue coating based on glaze painting

Researchers at the Institut Galien Paris-Sud say they have developed a strategy to synthesize anti-cancer drugs that could be injected under the skin and the start-up, Imescia, created in June 2019, is developing these new treatments. The way these drugs will be administered will allow for more effective anti-cancer drugs, currently unusable due to their local toxicity.

Source: CNRS La lettre innovation

Could materials that perfectly absorb noise over a wide range of frequencies exist? We have heard that researchers at the Acoustics Laboratory at the University of Le Mans and the Vibration and Acoustic Analysis Laboratory at Polytechnique Montréal (Canada), together with Safran Aircraft Engines, are developing such materials, which they say have an optimized porosity gradient.

Source: CNRS La lettre innovation