Bioluminescence as an ecological trait in the deep sea benthos

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Researchers at the Institut de la mer de Villefranche (IMEV – Sorbonne Université / CNRS), MBARI in California and the Laboratoire de biologie marine de l’université catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve have identified and quantified the phenomenon of bioluminescence in so-called benthic marine organisms – that is, those living near the sediment. Compared to a previous study on pelagic organisms (living on the water column), the new results, published in Scientific Reports, highlight a major ecological difference between these two types of habitats.

Read the research paper: Distribution and quantification of bioluminescence as an ecological trait in the deep sea benthos. Séverine Martini, Linda Kuhnz, Jérôme Mallefet & Steven H. D. Haddock. Scientific Reports

Lire le communique Sorbonne Université (en français).