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How does the Amazon rainforest affect man-made climate change?

By 8th August 2019 August 14th, 2019 No Comments

A new study published in Nature Geoscience highlights a very important feedback in the Amazon rainforest that current climate models do not consider, but may, in fact, accelerate climate change. The international team of 27 scientists responsible for this research was led by Daniel Goll of the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement, LSCE/IPSL in Saint-Aubin and the Lehrstuhl für Physische Geographie mit Schwerpunkt Klimaforschung at the University of Augsburg and Katrin Fleischer from the Technical University of Munich (TUM).


Technische Illustration vom AmazonFACE-Experiment © AmazonFACE

Read the research paper. Katrin Fleischer et al. Amazon forest response to CO2 fertilization dependent on plant phosphorus acquisition. Nature Geoscience 10.1038/s41561-019-0404-9ID

Read the news release from the University of Augsburg (in German).