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Reprogramming cells to control HIV infection

By 14th July 2019 July 21st, 2019 No Comments

Scientists from the Institut Pasteur have succeeded in describing the characteristics of CD8 immune cells in “HIV controller” subjects (the rare individuals who naturally control HIV infection without treatment). The unique antiviral power of these immune cells comes thanks to an optimal metabolic program that confers persistence and the ability to react effectively against infected cells. In ex vivo experiments, the researchers managed to reprogram cells from infected non-controller individuals to give them the same antiviral potency as controllers’ cells. The results are reported in Nature Metabolism.

Read the research paper: Mathieu Angin et al. Metabolic plasticity of HIV-specific CD8+ T-cells is associated with enhanced antiviral potential and natural control of HIV-1 infection, Nature Metabolism

Read the news release from the Institut Pasteur.