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NenuFAR radiotelescope begins major new observations

By 5th July 2019 July 6th, 2019 No Comments

Labelled a “pathfinder” for the future global Square Kilometre Array radio telescope, the NenuFAR radio telescope began major observation programmes on 1 July 2019. Operating at the lowest radio frequencies observable from the ground, NenuFAR will be one of the most powerful radio telescopes in its class in the world.



NenuFAR, which stands for New Extension in Nançay Upgrading LoFAR, is an array of nearly 2000 antennas deployed over an area of 60 000 min Nançay, in Sologne, on the radio astronomy station of the Paris Observatory, within the scientific unit of Nançay – USN (Observatoire de Paris – PSL / Université d’Orléans/ CNRS).

Read the news release from the Paris Observatory.